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nfc-first Identity Verification

Secure, Flawless, and Easy
Mobile Identity Verification

Because the smartphone-minded generation expects nothing less. Why make identity document verification more complicated than needed? Or compromise on security? NFC combines a great user experience with maximum security.

ReadID identity verification

In two simple steps, you can verify any electronic identity document. Easy to use with high conversion, scalable, simple to implement, and more secure than any other technology. 

Compliment NFC with biometrics for holder verification or optical technologies as a fallback. ReadID offers excellent orchestration opportunities for other technologies to help you build a complete onboarding process.

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ReadID has been proven to work with over 2600 models of smartphones

Today, almost anyone knows how to operate a smartphone, and most smartphones have built-in NFC functionality. In-store payments with NFC have become a common sight. We use that same technology for reliable ID verification. It makes identity verification safe, secure, quick, easy, and saves staff and customers oceans of time spent per exchange, both online and in face-to-face situations. 

We were the first mobile NFC-based technology provider in 2014, and were the first on iPhone in 2019.

Using just a smartphone and an electronic identity document, ReadID technology can verify your customers' identity. Instantly. It is the most trustworthy identity verification solution on the market. ReadID can be combined with facial biometric technology for holder verification as an extra layer of assurance, and optical verification can be orchestrated through partners as a fallback- no need to miss any opportunity. 

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Simplify your identity verification process with NFC

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Danish police driving license app header

Danish Agency for Digitisation initiative

More than 737.000 verified identities in less than 2 weeks

Thanks to ReadID, it is now possible to leave your physical driving license at home in the drawer and use the Kørekort-appen instead. This app is a digital version of a driving license that works both as a valid driving license in Denmark and a valid form of ID. “It clearly shows that there is a demand in the population for a digital alternative to the physical driving license,” says Minister of Transport Benny Engelbrecht in a comment.

Use case Kørekort-appen
Identity verification solutions

Accelarate towards a highly trusted and scalable way of working

Solutions to help you handle your identity verification challenge, NFC-First.

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Identity verification on-line, remotely, using your own app or using our ready-to-use app.

Remote identity verification

Secure identity verification anywhere, without any knowledge of identity documents.

Face-to-face identity verification
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Let’s talk about your challenge.

In a digital world distance does not exist. But how do you realise enough trusted identity verification to do business at a distance?

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