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ReadID Ready Solution

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ReadID Ready is a ready-to-use identity verification app suitable for online use cases. ReadID Ready is a version of ReadID SaaS but with a configurable app, ready for use. Get up and running in a few days instead of weeks. Available in a basic, branded, or enterprise edition to comply with your brand specifications as needed.

ReadID Ready demonstration

What does it do?

ReadID Ready is a ready-to-use identity verification app suitable for online use cases. ReadID Ready can be linked to your processes and website, using your branding, without having to implement your own app.

The ReadID Ready app communicates with our SaaS server to do the verification, making it suitable for self-service in which users have the ReadID Ready app on their own (and thus untrusted) phone. ReadID Ready can be combined with facial matching for identity verification.

ReadID Ready has three branding options: basic (no customer branding), branded (mixed ReadID and customer branding) and enterprise (fully white-label, i.e., the user only sees the customer branding).


Up and running fast

Use our app with your branding. No need to build, easy to integrate in your process. Trigger the process by email, web, or letter.


User friendly

ReadID is reliable and user-friendly, much more than optical scanning of identity documents or online video identification.


Scalable and secure

ReadID Ready uses our trusted cloud infrastructure to scale easily. The app is secure and does not store personal data.


Instant results

You get personal information and verification results instantly, via an API or through your portal.


Face verification

Combine with facial matching for holder verification to create the most secure identity verification solution available.


Volume based pricing

We use volume-based pricing with a low monthly fee. Start at low cost, and scale when needed.

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ReadID Ready User Guide

Want to know more on ReadID Ready? Our user page gives you the information we present to your customers, including a demonstration video. 

Start today

Our other solutions to solve any identity verification challenge

ReadID comes in different flavours and architectures to match your use case. 

ReadID SaaS

Our SDK can be integrated into any mobile application through well-documented APIs. You can have full control of user interaction, or leverage the knowledge in our high-level API.

ReadID SaaS

ReadID Client-Only

In the client-only version, ReadID runs on the smartphone only, without a server.  This allows verification of identity documents with very limited training and reading personal information very quickly without any typing or OCR mistakes.


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