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Verify identities at the highest trust level

Both customers of Inverid and users of ReadID technology trust us with very privacy-sensitive information. Inverid has the responsibility to not only be secure but also to show that we are secure. We do this via certifications, granted by independent auditors. Customers can rely on these certifications, saving costs and overhead associated with doing their own due diligence and audits on our information security. 

ISO 27701certified logo

ISO27701 certified

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ISO27001 certified

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eIDAS module certifications


SOC2 type 2


Cyber Essentials Plus



Clemens Wanko of TÜV Austria explains the value of certification.

World-First Security Certification Package

We have been certified through a unique combination of security certificates for our NFC- based identity verification technology ReadID by TÜV Austria.

Beyond baseline security

Since 2018 we are ISO/IEC 27001 certified, which can be considered as a baseline or ‘hygiene’ information security certification. For Inverid having more than ISO/IEC 27001 is a differentiator: it creates a competitive edge to our products and assures our customers that we see the security of their information as a top priority for our business. 

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