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Remote SaaS solution

Trust and Scalability

ReadID SaaS is the scalable and secure solution for larger volumes, suitable for online use cases. Can be combined with face matching, leveraging the high-resolution face image from the chip.

ReadID SaaS allows the verification of identity documents in a secure and user-friendly manner using a smartphone with NFC. ReadID is provided as configurable software that you can integrate into your own apps and backend systems. We provide an SDK (Software Development Kit) and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to make this possible. ReadID® thus becomes part of the software that you provide to your users, they won’t even be aware that the mobile verification technology is provided by us. ReadID SaaS allows you to fully customize what personal information you want to read and which verifications you want to carry out, giving you complete control over your customer journey.

The verification runs on our secure server, hosted by Inverid in a public cloud. You do not have to worry about updates and security. Doing the verification in our server makes ReadID SaaS suitable for online uses cases in which you cannot trust the smartphone, for example for onboarding for banks.


Your app, ReadID inside

ReadID SaaS is integrated in your app using our ReadID SDK, following your look&feel. It is ReadID inside.


User friendly

It is reliable and user-friendly, much more than optical scanning of identity documents or online video identification.


Scalable and secure

We host ReadID SaaS in a highly secure public cloud. Secure and highly scalable.


Privacy committed

We have a world-unique certification package. We are committed to your security and and your customers' privacy.


Instant results

You get the personal information and verification results instantly, via a REST interface (JSON, XML or PDF).


Face verification

Orchestration with facial matching for holder verification is possible to create the best identity verification solution available.

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Simplify your identity verification process with NFC

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Our other solutions to solve any identity verification challenge

ReadID comes in different flavours and architectures to match your use case. 

ReadID Client Only

In the client-only version, ReadID runs on the smartphone only, without a server.  Allows verification of identity documents with very limited training and reading personal information very quickly without any typing or OCR mistakes.

ReadID Client-Only

ReadID Ready

ReadID Ready is a ready-to-use identity verification app suitable for online use cases. A configurable app, ready for use, SaaS based. Get up and running in few days instead of weeks. Comes in a basic version, branded or enterprise edition.

ReadID Ready

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