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Download our free app ReadID Me from Google Play or the app store to read and verify your chipped identity document. 


Read and verify the NFC chip

The ReadID Me app (previously known as NFC Passport Reader) reads and verifies the NFC chip embedded in your electronic passport and other ICAO compliant identity documents (ePassports, or in ICAO Doc 9303 terminology, electronic Machine Readable Travel Documents, eMRTD).

The app optically scans the data page of the document to gain access to the embedded chip. It then reads the embedded chip and displays the biographical and biometric information of the document holder, as well as document information, after which security checks, such as Active Authentication, Document Signature Validation, and Country Signature Validation, are performed and detailed results are shown.

No personal information is shared with Inverid or other parties; it is a client-only verification.

Our ReadID Me app

  • Reads and verifies electronic identity documents
  • Supports ICAO 9303 and ISO 18013 compliant identity documents
  • No personal data stored or shared
  • Client-only verification
  • Works on Android (7.0 onwards) and iOS (iPhone 7, iOS13 onwards)
  • Works with over 2.600 smartphone models
  • Is free...
4.5 rating on Google Play Store, 4.3 rating App Store

"Works perfectly and is fast!"

With ReadID you get

High conversion

ReadID improves conversion in the digital channel, as many of our clients show. Broad coverage of smartphones and electronic identity documents.


ReadID is fully automated and can scale almost unlimited. We run our service in secure public cloud infrastructures, fitting to the region, and scaling with demand.

Ease of use

From our extensive experience with millions of scans of documents worldwide, we have learned how to create the optimal customer journey in all cases. ReadID is fast and verifies in real-time.


The NFC chip in electronic identity documents allows for the most secure identity verification. Inverid is certified by TÜV.

Simple implementation

Use our ready-to-use app to be up and running quickly. Our SDK can be integrated into any mobile application through well-documented APIs.


We value your privacy and do not collect your personal information. For details, see the privacy policy for our ReadID Me app. Please be aware that our publicly available ReadID Me apps are client-only. The passport details do not leave your phone.

FAQ ReadID Me app

Why do you provide this app?

We do this to allow you to read and verify your identity documents. We license the underlying software to our customers, who can then build their own apps with this. Since this licensing pays our bills, we can provide the ReadID Me app for free and without advertisements.

How can I scan a QR code to verify my identity?

To do this you need to download a different app. Search in the app or play store for ‘ReadID Ready’. This app has the option to verify your identity for a third party by securely sharing the information read from your identity document only with them. For this you need to start a personal session by scanning a QR code or clicking a link that the third party provides to you. This cannot be done through this ReadID Me app as all the data read will remain on your device.

The app used to be provided by InnoValor. What happened?

Inverid is the new name for InnoValor. Beside the name nothing has changed. The app is the same and the underlying technology is as trusted as it used to be. Read more about the new name.

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Can I really use this app for, e.g., my work?

This version of the app is provided as-is and without warranty. You can use it to read and verify your identity documents. We make no claims about its suitability for any particular purpose. We also want to emphasize that the country signature validation is limited to a static list of country (CSCA) certificates embedded in the app, and that this list may not be correct and complete.

The scan step fails, what can I do?

First, make sure the camera can clearly see the data page including the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ, the bottom 2 or 3 lines of the passport/identity card), taking care that there are no fingers in the way and that there is no glare of a lamp over the data page. Simply put, if you cannot see the MRZ, neither can our software. Tilting the passport a little often helps, or shielding the passport from the glare from a lamp. If this fails, you can always input the required information from the MRZ by hand, by tapping the button with a keyboard on it. In rare cases, the app may get the MRZ wrong, you can then use the same manual input mode to correct the information.

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