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We are Inverid now

Inverid, the new name
of InnoValor

Inverid® is the new brand that stands for its trusted identity verification activities. We have grown beyond reading and verifying chipped identity documents.  Inverid is the brand that embraces that broader range of activities.

Safest and most accurate method of identity verification

We are known as a pioneer in remote identity verification technology and were the first to roll out the NFC app worldwide. We launched ReadID on Android in 2014 and on iPhone in 2019 respectively. The technology is scalable worldwide as it is based on broadly accepted standards for biometric passports.


Inverid’s ReadID technology is fully automated by making use of the smartphone to read and verify data from the chip inside the document and validate the chip authenticity. When combined with face verification, it is nearly impossible to commit identity fraud. Identity verification by means of NFC technology is widely accepted as the most secure and accurate way of verifying identity documents, with the highest conversion rate.


“The new name underlines a new phase in our development. When the needs of our customers comprise more than NFC-based identity verification, we are able to fulfil those needs better through partnerships and product innovation. Our scope has widened beyond reading chipped identity documents.”

Wil Janssen

Co-founder and CMO

Inverid can be broken down into its 3 constituent parts: in-ver-id. The "in" echoes their innovative and InnoValor roots - to provide the smartest, most innovative identity verification solutions available. The "ver" and "id" recognises the core of Inverid's focus: the verification of identities.


“Our focus is on growth, both in our product portfolio as well as in revenue. We opened offices in the UK and are now opening a tech hub in Valencia, Spain. Renaming into Inverid marks this turning point in our expansion.”

Maarten Wegdam

Co-founder and CEO

Frequently asked questions on Inverid

What happens to ReadID?

ReadID is and remains the name of our core product for NFC identity verification. The product name does not change. 

What will change for me as a customer?

For you as a customer, little changes. The most notable change will be that mails you get from us or that you send to us should use instead of

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What will change for me as a reseller?

For you as a reseller of partner, little changes. The most notable change will be that mails you get from us or that you send to us should use instead of If you refer to us on your website or your product please use our new name, logo and link to the website (

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What does the new logo mean?

Well, what do you see in it? The logo combines NFC, a passport and a smartphone into an abstract image. We have become kind of fond of this happy symbol. What do you think? Let us know!

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Where can I download the logo?

We have a package with logo versions on this page, available for you to download. Please feel free to contact us if you need a specific version that is not in this package. 

What is the relation to

Inverid started as an innovation advisory organisation. In 2022 software and advice were split. The Dutch innovation advice activities continue under the name InnoValor Advies with as their website. 

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Wil Janssen

Chief Marketing Officer

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Creators of ReadID


Interested in Inverid and ReadID?

If you want to know more about our technology or would like to partner, feel free to contact. We appreciate your ideas and feedback.