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Identity verification for banking

Combining secure KYC, AML, and great conversion

The financial sector is constantly balancing secure KYC processes against a seamless customer journey. Inverid provides the solution to have it all: NFC-first mobile identity verification that is easy to use, completely fraud-free, and highly cost-effective for frictionless onboarding.

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Know Your Customer

Identity verification for remote onboarding of new customers, reverification, and more.


Anti-money laundering

Inverid enables AML compliance with the most secure identity verification.



Your customer life cycle doesn't stop after onboarding. Use ReadID for app activation, transaction authentication, and more.

Powered by Near Field Communication

Secure fraud-free identity verification from customers' homes with great conversion and customer experience, enabled through NFC technology.

Customers can authenticate their government-issued identity documents and through partner orchestration their liveness in less than 2 minutes with ReadID.


countries use ICAO compliant identity documents that are supported by ReadID

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Solutions to solve any identity verification challenge

We provide a free personal app, ReadID Me, to experience ReadID technology for yourself. Use ReadID SaaS to integrate into your own app or use our ready-to-use app to hit the ground running. 

ReadID SaaS

Our SDK can be integrated into any mobile application through well-documented APIs. You can have full control of user interaction or leverage the knowledge in our high-level API.

ReadID SaaS

ReadID Ready

ReadID Ready is our white-label app that can be tailored to the client’s look and feel and can be up and running within days.

ReadID Ready

"We have grown the online channel for onboarding new customers from 35% to 60% using ReadID"

Emy Leemans

Product Manager Customer Onboarding Rabobank

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"It took us only 6 weeks to implement the re-verification technology at Aegon from scratch using ReadID"

Rianne Rolsma

Product manager Aegon

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Create the financial experience digital natives expect with remote identity verification from ReadID.