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Moneyou | Florius | ABN AMRO

A secure digital solution for a mortgage application process

Moneyou raised the bar in identity verification for their customers when applying for a mortgage. With ReadID they achieve a higher level of confidence and 96% of all people that start the process finish it successfully in the first attempt. 

We spoke to Justus Damman about their digital channels

The identification challenges of Moneyou 

ABN AMRO has several labels for mortgages, including Moneyou, Florius, and ABN AMRO itself. They all use the same platform. In the Dutch mortgage market, they are one of the most innovative players.


Normally identity verification was part of the responsibility of the notary, just before the transfer of the money and the real estate; there was very little risk. Identity verification now needs to be done at the beginning of the process, even before giving the customer an offer.


We reached a very high success rate of 96%, higher than we even hoped forJustus Damman, Moneyou

For these KYC processes, the online mortgage application process, and making it possible for their customers to make changes to their mortgage themselves digitally, Moneyou had to know exactly whom they were dealing with via a digital solution.

They want to be “best in class” for their over 15k customers so “just good enough” was not sufficient. Moneyou needed a solution that was secure and could be applied easily in the initial phases of the process. Compliance and KYC are very important in the banking industry nowadays.

This was the reason to raise the bar in identity verification for Moneyou. In ReadID they have found a partner to create a fully digital identity verification process, compliant with the highest European identity standards (eIDAS high).

Moneyou uses ReadID Ready, including face verification. Their research indicated that users like to use a separate app, just for identification, that can be removed afterwards. They, therefore, use the out-of-the-box app, instead of integrating it into the Moneyou banking app. This helped to implement quickly as well.

Instant identity verification, 24x7

They introduced NFC-based identity verification with ReadID Ready, branded with their style, triggered with a QR code in the web flow. In a few minutes, the full verification is done, and no manual steps are involved. Identification proof is obtained from the service and is kept for record-keeping, fully GDPR compliant.

Most of the work in implementing identity verification with ReadID was not the technology. The difficulty was to convince people in the bank of the new concept and the new way of thinking. Moving from face-to-face verification to digital verification is difficult to get a grip on for non-technical people at the bank because the solution is high-tech. When people see ReadID Me, our free personal app, and the test cases, people start to understand the possibilities and strength of this solution for their clients and the bank.

Afterwards, people were pleased with what came out. The reason for choosing ReadID with face verification with iProov is that it is fully automated, without any human interaction. This makes it instant identity verification, 24x7, as well as very secure identity verification.

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The results using ReadID

Customers really appreciate the solution, they find it very easy to use. Moneyou reached a really high success rate: 96% of all people who start the process finish it successfully on the first attempt. This was higher than we expected and hoped for.

With ReadID, Moneyou achieves a higher level of confidence. Therefore, they no longer offer IDIN (a Dutch banking service for login), which provides a lower level of confidence. The new process outperformed the old in quality and usability. It became the preferred process by their customers and also Legal and Compliance. An additional benefit is that data quality with regard to personal data is also improved.

Personal data is now processed digitally instead of manually. That prevents personal mistakes in capturing personal data. This is also beneficiary for other processes like KYC and credibility checks as they can now investigate based on exact data without spelling mistakes in initials, last names and date of birth.

In the future, ABN AMRO is thinking of introducing it into the intermediary channel as well, applying the lessons learned with Moneyou. Possibly the use cases will extend into reverification and digital signing.