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Identity verification in Workforce Management

Get the right people to work in the right place

Remote work has become normal. Gig economy platforms open new possibilities. Employers of Record make global talent accessible anywhere.

Onboarding remote workers is not easy. Building trust in the interview process, and secure onboarding while meeting foreign compliance rules is even harder.

From applicant to joiner, mover, and leaver, your organisation’s relationship with people should be underpinned by secure identity document verification.

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Eliminate paperwork pains, like printing, scanning, and manual data entry. Save time with automated data capture and matching.



ReadID automates chip data verification and guarantees authenticity. Secure APIs transfer data straight to compliant systems of record.

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Remote + 24/7

Onboard people anytime, anywhere with document verification that exceeds the security and trust levels of in-person checks.

Know Your Employee powered by NFC

Human Capital Management teams must verify, then trustall while complying with privacy legislation to secure sensitive user data. Adding to the challenge - this should all be handled remote-first without ever touching an identity document or meeting in person. 

With ReadID you can prove that chipped documents are genuine, untampered, and original, anywhere in the world with any smartphone. ReadID eliminates manual cross-checks with an easy, seamless and secure transfer from HR to IT service management.

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"If you need a high level of confidence for a check, chip opening is the most robust, fastest, and easiest to use for end customers."

Tony Machin

CEO of TrustID

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Solve your identity verification challenge

ReadID is already available through Identity Verification and background screening partner integrations.

ReadID can easily integrate with your Human Capital Management or Workforce Identity and Access Management platform and mobile apps. 

ReadID Ready can get you up and running in days with minimal integration effort.

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Let’s talk about your challenge.

NFC document verification is the easy way to check employee identity, anywhere, any time, on day one or day one hundred.