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Identity verification for HR

Checking a job applicants' right to work

Verifying the identity of your future employees is an important step in onboarding new people. This sounds easier than it is in practice. Is your HR department capable of checking identity documents? From your own region, maybe; from countries far away, probably not. Still, you have to keep a record that you checked the identity and at the same time, you must comply with privacy legislation. How do you verify identities remotely?

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Very secure

ReadID uses the electronic identity document everybody has. Secure and flawless. Much more secure than optical solutions or video verification.


Easy to implement

Use our ready-to-use app for onboarding, no coding needed. Or integrate ReadID in your own app, if you use one. We host, update and monitor it in all cases.


Easy to use

ReadID is built upon knowledge derived from millions of transactions. Your people will love it, creating high conversion and less manual labour when onboarding.

Right to Work checks Powered by Near Field Communication

Balancing secure KYC processes against smooth handling and optimal customer experience is a challenge. Inverid provides the solution to have it all: NFC-first mobile onboarding with ReadID that is easy to use, completely fraud-free, and highly cost-effective.


Only 65% of companies perform an identity check, where 100% is needed, according to the 2020 Employment Screening Benchmark

Verifying someone's identity in the UK guidelines
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Solutions to solve your identity verification challenge

We provide a free personal app ReadID me on the App Store and Google Play store to experience ReadID technology for yourself. Use our ready-to-use app ReadID Ready to hit the ground running or add ReadID to your office infrastructure with ReadID Client Only. 

ReadID Ready

ReadID Ready is our ready-to-use app that can be tailored your look and feel and can be up and running within days.

ReadID Ready

ReadID Client-only

On trusted devices, under your controle, you can use ReadID client-only. Independent of connectivity, anytime, anywhere. 

ReadID Client-Only
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"If you need a high level of confidence for a check, chip opening is the most robust, fastest, and easiest to use for end customers."

Tony Machin

CEO of TrustID

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During COVID, your onboarding processes may have been frustrated by lack of contact. How can we help you create future-proof compliance?