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Inverid's ReadID technology

For a secure digital world

We empower people and organisations to securely connect by creating and applying great digital technology with fun people. As leaders in NFC-based identity verification, we believe that digital innovations have a huge and primarily positive impact on the way we live and work. With our products such as ReadID, we want to reduce identity fraud by creating and applying security technology that is both smart and easy to use.

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Digital innovation for a safer and better life

Making our lives and our work easier and safer. That premise should always be our main motivation for innovations. Inverid aims to reduce identity fraud, and create a safe digital environment to meet demands for online identity-sensitive services. 

ReadID is a product of Inverid. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in the Netherlands, Inverid is a privately-owned company. Inverid started as a research-based advisory company in digital innovation for governments, the financial industry, and service providers. In 2014 we were the first worldwide to launch NFC-based identity verification. ReadID is firmly rooted in the result of Inverid's research activities and is now Inverid's core activity. 

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ReadID leadership team

Maarten Wegdam portrait
Maarten Wegdam

CEO & co-founder

Maarten Wegdam, PhD is an expert in the area of digital identity and online identity verification. Maarten is both CEO of ReadID as well as lead of the technical team of ReadID.

He studied computer science at the University of Groningen and obtained his PhD from the university of Twente. After a career in the telecoms industry and in research, he founded Inverid together with Wil Janssen. 

Wil Janssen

CMO & co-founder

Wil Janssen, PhD, has worked as an advisor, inspirator and researcher in the field of innovation and IT. Within the team he is responsible for marketing.

Over the years, he wrote over 70 publications in magazines and newspapers. He studied computer Science at the University of Eindhoven and obtained a PhD from the University of Twente. In 2013 he founded Inverid together with Maarten. 

Robin Smits, Sales director Inverid
Robin Smits

Global Sales Director

Robin Smits has a strong international sales and business development background of more than 20 years in Telecom, SaaS and IT services, where he worked for both incumbents and start-ups.

Robin studied Business Administration and graduated in Economics (MBA). He joined Inverid in 2018.

Bob Hulsebosch, Compliance officer Inverid
Bob Hulsebosch

Compliance officer

Bob Hulsebosch CISSP is an expert in the areas of information security, digital identity and privacy. He combines the technical, legal and organisational aspects of these areas in his daily compliance activities for ReadID.

Bob has a PhD in physics from the Leiden University and worked as a senior advisor at Inverid. He specialises in strong authentication solutions, eIDAS regulation and biometrics.

Martijn Oostdijk, Chief Scientist Inverid
Martijn Oostdijk

Chief Scientist

At Inverid, Martijn Oostdijk, PhD, is responsible for the core crypto functionality inside ReadID and also actively develop the core of the product: reading and verifying the chip in the passport. He also fulfils the roles of architect and security officer.

Martijn combines a background in hard security (including cryptography) with a wide interest in security and digital identity issues.

He worked as an Assistant Professor of Informatics & Information Science at the Digital Security group at Radboud University in Nijmegen, where he obtained his PhD as well.

Woodrow Rullmann, contract manager Inverid
Woodrow Rullmann

Contract Manager

Woodrow Rullmann has a legal background with a focus on IT and privacy law. Through his previous work in consultancy and the in-house experience at financial institutions he understands the legal challenges IT development brings. During his tenure at a law firm he further strengthened his expertise, IT and privacy law in particular.

At Inverid Woodrow takes care of all contracting where his focus is on making opportunities realities.

Sander Dijkers, CFO Inverid
Sander Dijkers


Sander Dijkers has a solid financial background as a chartered accountant from a Big-4 account office.

Over the years, his knowledge has been supplemented with a broad experience from his own consultancy firm on issues in the field of support for investment companies, distressed assets and management support. Sander has been involved with the company since 2014.

Joachim Rullmann, HR manager Inverid
Joachim Rullmann

HR Manager

Joachim Rullmann has an extensive background in knowledge-intensive professional services firms in the role of HR manager and internal staff manager. Worked for 20 years with strategy- and implementation consultants in industries like banking, insurance, government, health and education.

He is specialised in attracting unique talent, accelerating their growth, and building strong and lasting teams from within the company. Professional interests are building multicultural teams and leadership development.

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