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Identity verification for qualified trust service providers

Identity Verification at the highest eIDAS Trust Levels

Digital trust is vital in our modern economy, where transactions take place digitally, anytime, anywhere. Trust Service Providers create easy and secure access to digital services by providing qualified signatures to users. We bring the highest level of digital trust and scalability to customer identification for eIDAS compliance.

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Evidence package for audits

We document every verification in an evidence package, which you can store for audit purposes. Creating proof of reliability.


Instant and automatic identity verification

You do not need any manual steps or personal contact. Make your onboarding and re-verification available 24 x 7.


Powered by NFC

NFC-based identity verification combines trust, security, and scalability for TSPs at the highest levels of confidence.

Competitive cost reduction, unmatched security, excellent customer experience

Customer onboarding and re-verification is a crucial step for Trust Service Providers. Traditionally, this meant that customers must come to an office or receive a visiting agent at home. A qualified official then needed to manually verify the passport data against the bank’s existing information.

A costly, time-consuming and intrusive process. Trust Service Providers need instant remote identity verification to satisfy their customers. Reach eIDAS High with ReadID.


up-time reported by UK home Office for the EU Settlement Scheme App.

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Solutions to strengthen your competitiveness

Get our free app ReadID Me on the App Store and Google Play Store to try out ReadID technology. Use ReadID SaaS to integrate into your own app or use our ready-to-use app to hit the ground running. 

ReadID SaaS

Developers can integrate our SDK into any mobile application using well-documented APIs. You can have full control of user interaction or leverage the knowledge in our high-level API. Combine with face verification for the highest trust levels.

ReadID SaaS

ReadID Ready

ReadID Ready is our ready-to-use app with lots of customisation options. It can be up and running within days, with or without face verification.

ReadID Ready

"If you want to be sure that the identity document is real and is in use right now then I see no real alternative to NFC and biometrics.”

Kalev Pihl

CEO of SK ID Solutions

Read the full story of SK ID Solutions from Estonia

Before using ReadID technology, there was 60% manually entry by typing in the data of the identity documents.

How Digidentity was able to scale under COVID

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