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Identity Proofing is taking the NFC route

Many organisations rely on biometric solutions for identity proofing. Leading research and advisory company Gartner is positive that document-centric identity proofing is the way forward. Moreover, NFC based identity verification is the most important trend to take into account for your identity proofing strategy.

In April, Gartner released its Buyer’s Guide for Identity Proofing, by analysts Akif Khan and Jonathan Care. It helps organisation in the steps to select an identity proofing solution. Gartner definitely takes a document-centric approach, as we do as well, stating:

By 2023, 85% of organisations will be using document-centric identity proofing as part of their onboarding workflows, which is an increase from approximately 30% today

An important suggestion Gartner gives in its buyer’s guide is to take important trends into account in the selection, next to the drivers, use cases and growth plans.

The first important trend they mention is the use of NFC, as it is “extremely secure and resistant to tampering”.

This aligns perfectly well with our NFC-first approach to identity verification. The buyer’s guide also includes a tool to select requirements which is very helpful. Please contact us if you need help in working through this tool.

An interesting observation Gartner makes is on the role of digital identities beyond onboarding, for example for authentication. Think, for example, in the case of HR identity verification linking to 2FA approvals in an organisation, or using NFC and electronic identity documents for re-verification.

Gartner warns for potential difficulties in UX for video verification as well as video, with simply taking a picture being hard to beat. This is pitfall, indeed. Without our dynamic user guidance, based on what we learned in millions of transactions with over 2.600 different models of smartphones, reading the chip can be cumbersome. It looks simple but behind the scenes it is a very complicated process. ReadID leads to a very high conversion in reading and verifying the chip, without comprises in security.

If you want to know more about the Buyer’s Guide to Identity Proofing and what it means for your identity verification roadmap, please contact us or Gartner.


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