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Remote or face-to-face identity verification?

Identity verification online, remotely, using your own app or using our ready-to-use app.

Remote identity verification

Secure identity verification in your office, without any knowledge of identity documents.

Face-to-face identity verification

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Facts on ReadID

  • Works with 2.600+ smartphone models
  • 170+ countries supported
  • Supports ICAO 9303 and ISO 18013 IDs
  • Combine with face verification
  • First on the market, first on iPhone
  • World-unique certification package
Maarten Wegdam

CEO of Inverid

"ReadID disrupts the remote identification industry, which still largely relies on OCR and video identification technologies.”


High conversion

ReadID improves conversion in the digital channel, as is shown by many of our clients. Wide coverage of smartphones and electronic identity documents.


ReadID is fully automated and can scale to an almost unlimited amount. We run our service in secure public cloud infrastructures, fitting to the region, and scaling with demand.

Ease of use

From our extensive experience with millions of scans of documents worldwide, we have learned how to deal with this tremendous diversity. ReadID is fast and verifies in real-time.


The NFC chip in electronic identity documents allows for the most secure identity verification. Inverid is certified by TÜV.

Simple implementation

Use our white-label app to be up and running quickly. Our SDK can be integrated into any mobile application through well-documented APIs.

"The chips are generally regarded as tamper-proof today."

Read more on Gartner's Market Guide

Inverid Representative Vendor in Gartner Market Guide for Identity Verification

Gartner has published their 2023 Market Guide for Identity Verification, and Inverid is named as a representative vendor for NFC identity verification. Gartner’s stance on NFC as a means of remote identity verification is clear: NFC-based identity verification will become unavoidable in the future and is currently a necessity if organisations need to trust the outcome of a check compared to dubious optical verification results as “counterfeits become harder to detect.”

As Gartner puts it, “It must be pointed out that any visual assessment (automated or human-driven) of document authenticity is ultimately probabilistic. (…) The chips are generally regarded as tamper-proof today, and vendors can verify that the data on the chip was cryptographically signed by the appropriate government issuing authority."

Recently answered questions

What smartphones can I use?

ReadID works with almost any Android smartphone as well as with iPhones from iPhone 7 (iOS13) onwards. 

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How does NFC work?

Modern passports (e-passports) and similar identity documents have a contactless NFC chip that can be read with your smartphone. It uses the same technology as, for example, contactless payments.

This chip is standardised as part of Doc 9303, Machine Readable Travel Documents, by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (part of the United Nations). The information on the chip is digitally signed by the issuing country and has protection against cloning. 

What countries support ePassports?

More than 170 different countries support electronic identity documents that can be read with ReadID technology. This number is growing fast. In Europe, countries have to use NFC in their identity cards as well. 

ReadID can be combined with optical solutions as a fallback option.

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