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Inverid Representative Vendor in Gartner Market Guide for Identity Verification 2023

Gartner has published their 2023 Market Guide for Identity Verification, and Inverid is named as a representative vendor for NFC identity verification. Gartner’s stance on NFC as a means of remote identity verification is clear: NFC-based identity verification will become unavoidable in the future and is currently a necessity if organisations need to trust the outcome of a check compared to dubious optical verification results as “counterfeits become harder to detect.” As Gartner puts it, “It must be pointed out that any visual assessment (automated or human-driven) of document authenticity is ultimately probabilistic. (…) The chips are generally regarded as tamper-proof today, and vendors can verify that the data on the chip was cryptographically signed by the appropriate government issuing authority."

"The chips are generally regarded as tamper-proof today." - Gartner

Gartner highlights that “embedding chips in all photo identity documents, reading the data with NFC and checking that identity and biometric data against issuing authority sources are likely to become the norm.” Inverid can already provide this additional layer of security Gartner predicts thanks to our biometric partnership with facial verification provider iProov.

NFC-based identity verification can be easily integrated into foreseen eIDAS European Digital Identity Wallets and can operate at the highest assurance level. Moreover, it leverages existing ICAO-standardised passport and identity card ecosystem to the advantage of the citizen.


Gartner states NFC identity verification is the future, but why wait to update your KYC processes when you can have a proven solution in place today? ReadID is easy to implement for organisations, easy to use for their customers, provides unparalleled security, and privacy by design, and can be augmented with biometric verification for the highest assurance levels. You can find Gartner's complete Market Guide for Identity Verification here to further uncover their standpoint on NFC and more. Please note that this requires a subscription to access.

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