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What’s happening in the world of identity verification

We would love to talk to you or meet you! Where can we meet in the near future? Check out our agenda below for events and webinars.

Inverid Agenda

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ICAO T.R.I.P. Symposium

12 - 14 September, Montréal. Regional Director Jim Slevin will be attending this ICAO event to discuss enhancing traveller mobility through innovative technologies like ReadID.

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World Aviation Festival

26 - 28 September, Lisbon. Regional Director Jim Slevin will be hosting a panel on digital identities at the World Aviation Festival in Lisbon, Portugal. Be sure to connect with him to learn more about creating Seamless Travel.

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Think Digital Identity

10 October, London. Identity for Government 2023, brings together a glittering group of renowned ID and government experts alongside identity practitioners. Inverid's Jim Slevin and Lucie Roulland will be present there.

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Biometrics Institute Congress

17 -18 October, London. Regional director Jim Slevin and co-founder Wil Janssen, who will be speaking at the event, will be in London investigating the newest developments in biometrics relevant to identity verification.

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EU Digital Identity Wallets Forum

18 October, Berlin. Inverid CISSP Bob Hulsebosch and co-founder Wil Janssen will be attending this Identity Wallet conference to inform the rapidly changing landscape of Digital Identity Wallets and how NFC can provide verified data ingestion.

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Identify, Innovation in Identity Proofing

Goode Intelligence Identify 2021 "Showcasing Innovation in Identity Proofing" session moderated by Alan Goode, CEO & Chief Analyst at Goode Intelligence with Shiv Aggarwal, EarthID, Jon Payne, Entrust Worldreach and Maarten Wegam, CEO Inverid, creators of ReadID.