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Remote identity verification

Ramp Up Your Conversion Rates

One of ReadID's distinguishing traits is its ability to create high conversion without compromising security. People can remotely open a new bank account, register for a paid service, or re-KYC themselves using just their smartphone and a chipped identity document.

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Remote identity verification

No matter when or where

Onboarding customers, creating AML compliance or issuing travel credentials, it can all be done securely over the internet using remote identity verification. From the safety of their home, using their smartphone and ID, your customers can share their identity. 

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Building on Near Field Communication

Paying with a smartphone in stores using NFC has become an everyday phenomenon. Have your customers use that same technology for identity verification using secure and fool-proof identity document chip reading. The result is unrivalled identity certainty, lower costs for you, high convenience for your customers with 24x7 availability, and a surge in onboarding success.


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Simplify your identity verification process with NFC

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How ReadID helps


Maximal scalability

ReadID can scale from a few to hundreds of thousands of scans per day. No manual steps involved.


Easy to use

A great user experience leads to satisfied customers. ReadID is very easy to use, creating great conversion.


Extremely secure

We read and verify the contents of the chip in the identity document. Tamper-proof guaranteed, including clone detection.


Hosted in Europe

We host our software in Europe and are GDPR compliant. If needed, we can run ReadID in the region of your preference.


Simple to implement

Integrate our SDK in your app or use our ready-to-use app ReadID Ready. Get up and running within weeks.


Correct personal data

All personal information obtained from the chip is correct. No OCR mistakes, no characters missed, no fields overlooked.

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Solutions to solve any identity verification challenge

ReadID is available for integration through our SDK but you can also use our ready-to-use app.

ReadID SaaS

Our SDK can be integrated in any mobile application through well-documented APIs. You can have full control of user interaction or leverage the knowledge in our high-level API.

ReadID SaaS

ReadID Ready

ReadID Ready is our ready-to-use app that can be tailored to the clients’ look and feel and can be up and running within days.

ReadID Ready

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