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The role of Trust and Trust Service Providers

Trust Service Providers form a crucial part of creating trust in online identity verification services. In this webinar, we discuss how an NFC-First approach improves trust with an optimal user experience, at limited costs. 

The optimal user experience and trust

View our talk with Kalev Pihl, CEO of SK ID Solutions about their experiences in introducing NFC and biometrics in their ID-Smart solutions. SK ID Solutions is the first trusted service provider to have a fully automated remote identification process for qualified signatures (eIDAS High).

Marcel Wendt, managing director of Digidentity explains how ReadID enabled Digidentity to scale their identity service for GOV.UK. over the last few months to allow people to apply for financial support in the UK due to COVID-19.

Bob Hulsebosch, advisor at Inverid, provide his insights into the different trust levels (substantial and high) and the recent developments around eIDAS.


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