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Moneybird makes customer identification secure and easy with ReadID

Deploying customer identification via their smartphone and a passport or ID card prevents fraud and makes onboarding for customers much easier. To this end, Dutch accounting software provider Moneybird is now deploying Inverid's ReadID technology.


Enschede, 16 November 2023.

As of November, Moneybird identifies all new customers with the identity verification solution of Inverid. This uses the secure NFC chips in passports and ID cards in combination with the Moneybird app. The app uses Inverid's ReadID technology which allows the authenticity of the document to be established with certainty. Identity verification with NFC is not only extremely secure, but also very user-friendly: it is fast, requires no background checks, and no manual steps. This contrasts with optical checks, which often require manual checks (and therefore time) and are not very reliable.

"Identification via NFC is not only very secure but also super easy" - Edwin Vlieg, CEO of Moneybird

Edwin Vlieg, CEO of Moneybird, confirms this: "Identification via NFC is not only very secure but also super easy, and that is obviously important for a start-up entrepreneur who wants to get started quickly with a Moneybird checking account." For Inverid, the partnership with Moneybird is a natural one. With banks like ING, Rabobank and ASB Bank among its customers, they have a lot of experience in the financial sector. "Moneybird, like Inverid, is an innovative software company that has shaken up an existing market considerably. In addition, we are both based in Enschede. The cooperation was therefore natural. At the same time, quality comes first at Moneybird. This was also evident from the successful implementation process," says Wil Janssen, CRO of Inverid.

In November 2022, Moneybird launched their Moneybird current accounts. With this checking account with an IBAN, entrepreneurs have a business account directly linked to their Moneybird accounts. This allows entrepreneurs to automate much of their accounting, leaving them time to do business. By implementing ReadID, the accounting program knows for sure that the user is the owner of the checking account. Payment account fraud or unwanted logins are thus greatly reduced.


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