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Conversion through a seamless customer journey

Because the smartphone-minded generation expects nothing less. Why make identity document verification more complicated than needed? ReadID creates optimal conversion through excellent user experience.


How Rabobank almost doubled conversion

Using NFC and ReadID in the online channel


of online applications at Rabobank were rejected before moving to NFC

Identity verification must be instant

Inverid helps you to be ready for the digital natives, the people that work and think mobile-first, without scaring off the less digitally educated customers. It creates instant identity verification. This is very important, as any delay can lead to churn. ReadID technology is fast: the first OCR steps last typically less than 7 seconds in total. NFC read time averages at 5 seconds, with 90% occurring within 10 seconds. We continuously optimise our technology to enhance speed, without compromising on security.

Optical solutions can lead to delays of minutes up until days, as our customers notice. Low conversion was a reason for Rabobank to move to ReadID - About 50% of all applications were rejected, in 3/4 of the cases the information on the ID was not clearly legible, incomplete, or shielded, ID proofs were expired or something went wrong with the previous method, a payment of 1 cent.

UK Home Office EU Settlement Scheme

World’s Most Successful Remote Identity Verification Immigration Programme

Security, scalability and conversion were key for Home Office. More than 5 million people applied. With 79% of applicants indicating that proving their identity through the app was either “very easy” or “fairly easy”, the programme was a huge success. A further 7% found it neither difficult nor easy.


different countries issue secure biometric identity documents

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Smart coverage of countries and smartphones

The number of countries issuing electronic identity document has more than doubled in the last decade. By 2020, there were more than 160 countries and regions issuing ePassports, including all EU countries. European countries issue residence permits that comply to the EU regulations and are compatible with ReadID. ReadID is proven to work with over 2.600 different smartphone models, both Android and iOS.

With dynamic placement we guide users through the optimal customer journey for their document/phone combination, without them even noticing. In this way we create the best user experience possible.

An optical fall-back route is possible to cover every document at the expense of less security. We give you the integrated results, no need to worry about orchestration. 


How high is your conversion?

Are your customers happy and is the no churn in reverification? Or would you like to see conversion grow? We are happy to discuss your use case. 

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