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The Speed of Implementation and Deployment

Rianne Rolsma, Product Owner Online for Dutch financial service provider Aegon, explains how rapidly ReadID’s identification verification software was implemented at Aegon. Wil Janssen dives into the details of ReadID’s speed qualities.

Remote re-verification

Remote identity verification is more relevant than ever. Customers and partners need ReadID fast and safely. So speed is of utmost importance, for implementation and verification. With our turn-key app ReadID Ready, we realise high-speed implementation. In this webinar, you see the great use case of Aegon.

“We needed reliable, proven technology. Using the NFC solution is much more reliable than OCR.”

A ReadID talk with Maarten Wegdam, CEO at ReadID and Rianne Rolsma, Product Owner Online at Aegon. Rianne was responsible for implementing NFC mobile identity verification at Aegon.

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