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ReadID Ready

Frequently asked questions

ReadID Ready is an application for mobile identity document verification. By reading the NFC chip in your identity document, ReadID Ready can verify this is an authentic identity document. ReadID Ready is made by Inverid. If you have any questions on the use of ReadID Ready consult the questions and answers below. 

Why ReadID Ready?

Why do I need to use ReadID Ready?

ReadID Ready is used by organisations all over the world to verify the identities of their customers, citizens or employees. Probably, you were referred to ReadID Ready by an organisation you want to become a customer. ReadID Ready provides identity verification on behalf of this organisation. There are various reasons why an organisation would want you to verify your identity. The organisation that referred you to ReadID Ready will have explained this to you. If it is unclear to you why your identity needs to be verified, please contact this organisation.

How does ReadID work?

The ReadID Ready application uses the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology of your smartphone to read the chip in your identity document. This chip contains your personal data and passport photo as they are also visible on your document. In addition, the chip contains additional information about the digital security and authenticity of the document. To read this information, the so-called Machine Readable Zone of your document must first be scanned using your phone's camera, since this contains the code the app needs to access the chip.

Why do I need to do a facial scan?

In some case following the identity document verification, the ReadID Ready app will ask you to do a facial matching: by comparing a selfie with the face image from the identity document you can prove you are the rightful holder of the document.

Personal Data

What happens with my personal data?

ReadID Ready provides identity document verification on behalf of the organisation that referred you to ReadID Ready. This verification is done by checking your personal data. For security reasons, we need to store your personal data on our servers for a short period of time. How long is determined by the organisation that referred you to us, but this is never longer than 50 days.

None of the information that is scanned or read from the chip, is stored in the application or on your phone. As soon as you close the app, the information is deleted from your phone. For more information see the Privacy Policy of ReadID Ready.

Since we verify your identity document on behalf of the organisation that referred you here, we transfer your personal data to this organisation. Which information exactly is determined by this organisation, and this will depend on why they need to identify you. We refer you to the privacy policies of this organisation for information on how your personal data is handled by this organisation.

If I use some else's phone, will they have access to my personal data?

No. Your personal data is not stored on the phone. When you close the application, the information is deleted from the phone.

QR code

I don't have a QR code, now what?

ReadID Ready needs to know on behalf of which organization your identity document needs to be verified. This organisation provided you with QR code and/or an activation link/button to pass this information to the app.

Situation 1: You need a QR, but don't have one
If you were referred to ReadID Ready from a (desktop) webpage, an email or a letter, you'll need a QR code. The QR code should be on the webpage, in the email or letter. If not, please contact the organisation that referred you here.

Situation 2: You don't need a QR code
If you were referred to ReadID Ready from a mobile webpage or another mobile app and have the ReadID Ready app on the same phone, then you don't need to scan a QR code. The mobile website or other app should have an activation link or button. Go back to the mobile website or app and click on it.

I cannot scan the QR code

Scanning the QR code should be easy and fast. Try either of the following:

  • Hold your phone closer to or further from the QR code. The QR should fit inside the frame you see on your phone's screen.
  • Tilt or rotate your phone a bit, to avoid glare.
  • Try to increase the brightness of the screen you're scanning the QR from.
  • If you're scanning the QR from a letter, the environment may be too dark. Try going to a lighter area and try again.
It says my QR code is expired or in use?

If you've completed the identity verification process, the QR code is expired.  You cannot use it twice.

If you were in the identity verification process, but you did not complete it, your QR code can be in use. This is a security feature to prevent two users from using it at the same time. Please wait 30 minutes and try scanning the QR code again.

Suitable smartphones

Is my smartphone suitable for ReadID Ready?

For iOS, you need an iPhone 7 or up, running iOS 14 or up. iPads do not work since they do not have the required NFC capability.

For Android, you need to have version Android 7 or up with NFC. By far most Android smartphones have this. Some Android tablet have this as well. Beside the vendor of your device, there are plenty of websites where you can find out if your phone has NFC, and there are even free apps with the sole function of letting you know if you have NFC.  

NFC enabled Android phones
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