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Case Study the lawstore | livesign

The (TLS) developed a solution called Livesign that provides businesses and industry professionals certainty that the person signing the high-value contract is who they say they are. Livesign is a revolutionary platform that combines the digital identity verification and digital signature into one process, at the precise point of signing. 

Livesign is highly secure. Through ReadID, the solution extracts the most trusted government ID – a passport photo - via the ePassport chip and biometrically face-matches that trusted image to the person behind the device, in real-time, reducing the potential of identity fraud and human error.

Read their journey and results in our case study.


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Case study the lawstore

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Learn the effects of NFC on future-ready identity verification


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ReadID facilitates successful digital onboarding through remote identity verification. How can trusted identity verification support your business?