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Identity verification for gaming and gambling

Hitting the Jackpot for Secure Identity Verification

Are you looking to secure your online in-game purchasing methods? Or comply to age verification requirements in online gambling? Even in the virtual world of online gaming and gambling, streamlined real-life identity verification is essential.

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Easy to use

ReadID works instantly and your customers will love it. No unnecessary obstacles or waiting time. Move on securely without churn. Works with identity documents or over 170 countries.


Know Your Customer

Create KYC compliance. Using an electronic identity document and a smartphone, customers can identity themselves. Simple and secure.



ReadID can grow with your business, from dozens to hundreds of thousands of verifications per day. No manual steps, fully automated. And very secure.

Powered by Near Field Communication

Online gaming and gambling is becoming more regulated, balancing secure KYC processes against smooth handling and optimal customer experience. ReadID provides the solution to have it all: NFC-first mobile onboarding that is easy to use, completely fraud-free, and highly cost-effective.


More than 170 countries have chipped identity documents we support.

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Solutions to solve any identity verification challenge in gaming and gambling

We provide a free personal app ReadID Me on the App Store and Google Play store to experience ReadID technology for yourself. Use ReadID SaaS to integrate into your own app or use our ready-to-use app ReadID Ready to hit the ground running. 

ReadID SaaS

Our SDK can be integrated in any mobile application through well-documented APIs. You can have full control of user interaction or leverage the knowledge in our high-level API.

ReadID SaaS

ReadID Ready

ReadID Ready is our white label app that can be tailored to the clients’ look and feel and can be up and running within days. Works great for web applications.

ReadID Ready
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“We needed reliable, proven technology. Using the NFC solution is much more reliable than OCR.”

Rianne Rolsma

Product owner, Aegon

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Let’s talk about your challenge.

You need KYC. You don't want to annoy your customers. How can Inverid help you in becoming compliant?