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Identity Verification in Real Estate and Mortgages

Getting a mortgage, closing the deal, handing over the property are all activities where it is essential to verify the identities of all parties involved.

Support compliance and the user experience

In this webinar we discuss how NFC-based identity verification can enhance the customer journey and create trust throughout the process.

Justus Damman, Manager Digital for Florius and Moneyou, the mortgage labels of ABN AMRO, explains how they use ReadID to verify identities of customers to apply for a mortgage and how this supports compliance.

Read case study Florius/Moneyou


“With this fully digital identity verification process, Florius achieves 96% success rate”

HM Land Registry

Jack Bidgood, MD of Thirdfort explains how they worked alongside HM Land Registry to ensure that its upgraded ID check offering is fully aligned with HM Land Registry’s new Digital ID Standard.

Read case study Thirdfort

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