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Choosing the right IDV Technology

The selection process for the right document-based identity verification solution can be a complicated one. Together with Tony Machin, CEO of TrustID, we explain in this session the criteria of good identity verification technologies and why ReadID.

Featuring Tony Machin from TrustID

The deep dive selection process for identity verification

What trust level is needed? What documents should we support? Is holder verification needed? What brings the best experience to my customer and thus the highest conversion?
Taking NFC-based identity verification as a basis might be the obvious choice, but what is the context of choosing the right identity verification technology? Gartner published its buyers' guide to the end of last year touching upon this. To make things more concise we did a deep dive into this selection process.
Together with Tony Machin of UK IDV service provider TrustID, we discussed how they went about the selection and how they came to the use of ReadID. Inverid CEO Maarten Wegdam explained more on key elements in the process. Learn more on IDV technologies.


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