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In control of your personal data

With Datakeeper's personal digital safe, consumers can securely share the most necessary personal data with an organisation like a service provider or employer. Organisations receive validated personal data from the consumer by requesting it with Datakeeper. ReadID provides the digital identity in Datakeeper.

An interview with David Lamers, Lead product manager Datakeeper

Validated data in the wink of an eye

Datakeeper is a digital safe, digital identity wallet, on your smartphone. Personal data is stored locally on the mobile phone and is not visible to Datakeeper. The user can share the data via a data request from an organisation for a service, such as renting a car or checking that you are older than 18.

If an organisation submits a request for specific data, you only share the necessary data with Datakeeper. The data safe can be expanded further with personal data, such as income. The digital safe also contains your digital identity, which is read from the chip of your passport or ID card using ReadID.

For the consumer, it is a data safe with personal data that is securely stored in a central place. It is a safe way for an organisation to receive validated data from the consumer. All data is guaranteed to be authentic and from the correct source. The organisation never receives too much data, only the data that the consumer wishes to share.

Datakeeper logo

Datakeeper is an initiative of Rabobank and originated within the Innovation Lab. The Datakeeper brand was positioned halfway through 2021, before that, Datakeeper was still called IDA. It is important for Datakeeper to build a trusted brand in the Netherlands and beyond, for now, and in the future. With Rabobank behind them as founder, they also comply with all requirements and legislation within the financial sector.


Quick access to services

For example, Datakeeper is used for car rental at Autohopper. With this service, consumers can rent a car and provide their personal details with Datakeeper in advance. The car rental sends a data request to the consumer to provide a driver's license and identity card or passport via the digital safe. Because the consumer provides this in advance via Datakeeper, this means fewer employees at the counter; they do not have to make copies of identity documents and they can help the consumer more quickly when renting a car. The consumer retains control over his personal data.

Scalable and Expandable Datapoints

The Datakeeper team is continuously optimising the vault and the app by increasing user-friendliness and making more data points available. In addition to consumer's identity and income, they also add iDIN (an identity verification solution developed by Dutch banks) and a liveness check, among other things. Datakeeper has become a scalable platform that is infinitely scalable in the cloud and can handle many transactions per second.

Identity at the basis of Datakeeper

Datakeeper uses ReadID to establish the identity of the person. With that data point, a consumer can add an identity card, passport or driver's license to the wallet. The chip of the identity document is read with ReadID and the signed data is added to the safe. The data is valid and 100% reliable through the use of ReadID. The high-resolution passport photo is also used and added to the safe.

With ReadID, Datakeeper determines the basis, the identity of the owner, of the digital safe. During the Fieldlab events in the Netherlands, Datakeeper has already successfully used ReadID identity verification.

European Digital Identity Framework

In June 2021, the European Commission made a proposal to make a European digital identity available to every EU citizen. Citizens can use this to share data from a European Digital Identity Wallet. The European Digital Identity framework is based on Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), which gives individuals full control over their own personal data.

The Datakeeper design is technically and functionally also based on the Self-Sovereign Identity principle and fits within this framework. That is why Datakeeper is working hard to become the accepted data safe within the Netherlands within a timeline of 3 to 5 years.

In the short term, Datakeeper is busy with new possibilities and use cases. For example, they are working on the possibility of logging in with Datakeeper and signing contracts. Datakeeper will become an increasingly valuable addition to society in the coming years. The standard for logging in somewhere securely, sharing data with third parties, and being prepared for weekly use by millions of consumers.

Want to learn more about control on personal data with Datakeeper?

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