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ReadID empowers uNLock pilot offering perspective to the event industry

The uNLock Foundation and Fieldlab Events published that they have carried out a successful pilot to allow for the safe organisation of events by providing a wallet with verifiable COVID test results. 

David Lamers of Rabobank on IDA

Creating a safe and open society

The idea is that negative Covid-19 test results can be used to allow access to events where it is not possible to keep distance, such as concerts or sports events. In February 2021 uNLock and Fieldlab are using this solution in real events, an important step in creating a safe and open society.


Prevent fraud and guarantee privacy

The solution developed makes it possible to link a Covid-19 test result to the identity of a person. This person stores this information in a personal data safe on their phone, created by using ReadID for identity verification. Subsequently, the test result with linked identity can easily be shown during the access control of the event. The digital test result can be validated in real-time by the organiser for authenticity using the high-resolution photo obtained from the chip in the identity document through ReadID. With the uNLock solution, the visitor keeps control over their test and ID data and fraud with test results is prevented.

IDA_wallet_desktop (1)

The app that was used in the practical test was developed by the initiators behind the uNLock Foundation, including ReadID partner Rabobank. Rabobank integrated ReadID through their IDA app into the uNLock process.

The uNLock Foundation is an initiative of a number of Dutch public and private parties who are jointly working on a solution to share digital test results, when they become available, in a privacy-friendly and reliable manner.

The video below (in Dutch) shows how the pilot on December 10th worked out.


How does screening work in the Fieldlab events (video in Dutch).

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