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Identity verification for the real estate industry

Great User Experience & Maximal Security

Using NFC technology, real estate service providers can create a seamless and secure identity verification process. This will strongly improve digital mortgages and property purchases for faster results and happy buyers.

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Easy to implement

Using our ready-to-use app ReadID Ready, service providers can implement a fully functional identity verification solution in as little as 6 weeks.

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Great user experience

ReadID has proven to have an over 97% conversion rate and prioritises creating a great user experience through dynamic animations and more.

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Security and Compliance

Inverid is fully GDPR compliant and has a unique set of certifications, ensuring high compliance with AML regulations and legislation.

Secure remote identity verification for the Real estate and Mortgage industries

ReadID tackles the growing problem of fraud in property purchases with unparalleled security, superior compliance with regulation and a solution that's fast to implement and easy for your customers to use.


"You never meet somebody that says; 'I just bought a house the other day and that was really fast, enjoyable and it went really smooth and there were no problems on the journey.' We want to change that."

Jack Bidgood

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Thirdfort

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96% of new users at mortgage provider Moneyou successfully complete the process on their first attempt

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Solutions to solve any identity verification challenge

We provide a free personal app ReadID Me on the App Store and Google Play Store to experience ReadID technology for yourself. Use ReadID SaaS to integrate into your own app or use our ready-to-use app to hit the ground running. 

ReadID SaaS

Our SDK can be integrated into any mobile application through well-documented APIs. You can have full control of user interaction or leverage the knowledge in our high-level API.

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ReadID Ready

ReadID Ready is our white-label app that can be tailored to the client’s look and feel and can be up and running within days.

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Building a brighter future in the real estate industry with ReadID technology, together.