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CIAM Account Recovery

The C in CIAM stands for Chips

NFC chip scans of identity documents can protect all stages of the Identity and Access management lifecycle- sign up, sign in, authorisation, and recovery. Over a billion people can already use their most secure proof of identity: their chipped identity document.

What makes chipped documents so secure? Deepfakes, bots, and scammers simply cannot imitate valid identity documents with digitally verifiable chips.

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The only secure solution

Cryptographic digital proof of identity document authenticity is only available through NFC chip scans.

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Over a billion people

More than 170 countries issue chipped identity documents, and more than a billion people have them.

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Easy to use

A familiar user experience, just like paying by phone in stores. It works with all modern smartphones.

How does it work?

In three simple steps, your customers can verify their identity securely anywhere at any time. ReadID is easy to use, scales limitlessly, and our analytics prove high conversion rates.

You can add ReadID to your own apps with our SDK or add your branding to our ready-to-use ReadID Ready app. Complement NFC with biometric verification and fall back to optical technology for people who don't have chipped documents.

Your passport recovers Passkeys

Passkeys are bound to your device, which is great for eliminating phishable passwords.

But what happens to your passkeys when you break or lose your device?

Broken phone means lost passkeys


Customer Identity and Access Management professionals must build recovery processes that underpin cryptographic authentication, not undermine it. Document chip cryptography matches the security levels needed for FIDO Passkey recovery, allowing seamless account recovery.

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See what you're missing

The cryptography within identity document chips proves it is

  • the original, not a copy
  • genuinely issued
  • untampered identity document

Moreover, it includes your original face image, without watermarks.

ReadID gives proof of authenticity and correct information- no need for manual correction. ReadID is the fast track to verify with NFC. See for yourself with your own document and our free ReadID Me App.

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Find the flow with ReadID

ReadID can integrate within your existing identity access and management platform orchestrations.

You can connect complementary technologies in whichever flows you like, adding background checks for onboarding, risk signals for step-up authentication or liveness detection for step-up authorisation. 

Add NFC chip scans in any flow, not just for onboarding new users but protecting all your existing users in account recovery.

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Get ReadID in CIAM

Reduce risk, reduce costs, and protect your users.

Get in touch with our CIAM expert Rob Brown to get NFC chip scanning in your identity and access management system.