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Wired features Inverid's contribution to Eurostar SmartCheck

Inverid's ReadID solution is featured in Wired alongside partners Entrust and iProov for our part in the Eurostar SmartCheck solution, which launched in July of 2023 and made headlines worldwide. Eurostar SmartCheck has enabled Eurostar to ramp their passenger numbers up, increase the efficiency of their customer registration and boarding, and created a smoother and more relaxing travel experience for their passengers thanks to the use of Digital Travel Credentials (DTCs).  The article (link can be found below) nicely explains how this solution can shape the future of travel. 

Inverid's Travel and Borders expert and Regional Director for the UK and Ireland Jim Slevin stated at the launch of the solution that "SmartCheck shows how the generation of a Digital Travel Credential through remote self-service, pre-registration, secure identity and document verification will streamline all modes of international travel without compromise on security. In the context of the European Entry Exit System (EES), electronic travel authorisations in general and ensuring an enhanced passenger experience- the blueprint is here."

Digital Travel Credentials are slowly seeing more uptake as the world's travel operators notice the positive effects it can have for both carriers and passengers, and their inclusion in a mainstream tech publication such as Wired highlights their growing relevance. Digital identities enabled through technology like ReadID will revolutionise the way we navigate the world, creating a seamless travel experience in airports, ports, and more. At Inverid, we eagerly await this new era of digital travel and look forward to taking part in further DTC-utilising pilots and schemes.

Read Wired's article on The Future of Seamless Global Travel

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