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The wide range of use cases of Trusted Identity Verification

Diversity, exploring the wide range of use cases of trusted identity verification, featuring David Lamers, Rabobank and Sylvie Vandevelde from itsme.

Balancing innovation, identity, data and privacy

Identity verification is a vital ingredient of trusted services in many industries. In this webinar replay, we discuss striking examples of trusted identity verification. David Lamers explains how Rabobank balances innovation, identity, data and privacy in the IDA app and Sylvie Vandevelde, itsme, shares interesting developments about the new Belgian identity service.

“Share your identity and personal data more secure and faster”

The uNLock Foundation and Fieldlab Events have carried out a successful pilot to allow for the safe organisation of events by providing a wallet with verifiable COVID test results. The app used in the practical test was developed by the initiators behind the uNLock Foundation, including ReadID partner Rabobank. Rabobank integrated ReadID through their IDA app into the uNLock process.

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