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GBG sets the benchmark for smart identity verification with ReadID

Near Field Communication (NFC) leverages government-issued identity documents with contactless NFC chips and smartphones for remote identity verification.

The chip on these documents contains data, including a high resolution face image, provided and digitally signed by the issuing country.

Extracting that data directly from the chip of the document not only provides the user with a convenient way to populate data fields, it also provides organisations with the most secure identity verification and data capture process while onboarding or reverifying customers. This is the main reason why GBG has taken this NFC capability one step further by putting ReadID from Inverid at the heart of GBG’s IDscan technology.


"This new GBG document verification process is therefore the most effective identity verification process for both the user and for organisations.”

How does smart identity verification work?

As a first step, the identity document is scanned using the smartphone camera. After scanning the identity document, the document will be automatically classified and if an NFC chip is present, data is extracted from the chip and the digital signatures in the chip will be verified, ensuring that the data is not tampered with and that it is an original identity document. This is done entirely automated.

If the document does not contain a contactless chip, then the user will be served with the traditional optical document verification process as a fall-back scenario. This smart combination guarantees full coverage of identity documents with maximal security and data quality.

As a result, the path that is presented to the user happens within seconds with minimal disruption to the onboarding journey, ensuring a frictionless customer experience.


The impact of smart identity verification

Organisations that avail from this technology automatically benefit from the most reliable and secure ReadID NFC data capture and verification option available, combined with the optical validation technology of GBG, resulting in high conversion rates. This new GBG document verification process is therefore the most effective identity verification process for both the user and for organisations. It raises the bar for smart identity document verification to a new level, combining optimal user experience and maximal security.


To find out more or to see the latest technology for yourself book a demo with the GBG experts today. If you want to learn more about how NFC-based remote document verification works, contact ReadID.


Try it yourself for free

Interested in NFC-based identity verification? Our free personal app ReadID Me is available in the App and Plays stores. No personal information is shared with Inverid or other parties; it is a client-only verification.

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