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ReadID is used by UK Home Office for EU Settlement Scheme

InnoValor announces that its flagship software product ReadID is used by the UK Home Office to enable EU citizens obtaining UK immigration status after Brexit by using a smartphone app.

Note: Inverid is the new name of InnoValor

This new digital service will support the EU Settlement Scheme by allowing identity verification to be done remotely using a smartphone app, including ePassport chip verification, biometric facial matching and liveness detection. ReadID provides the functionality for reading and verifying the chip present in ePassports and identity cards.

The EU Settlement Scheme will enable the roughly 3.8 million EU citizens and their family members resident in the UK to obtain the UK immigration status required to live and work in the UK after the UK leaves the EU. The EU Settlement Scheme opened fully on March 30th.

“We are proud and privileged to be part of this new service for the UK Home Office”, says InnoValor’s CEO Maarten Wegdam. “Large European banks such as ING, Rabobank, Volksbank, and the Norwegian bank DNB already use ReadID for mobile onboarding, combining user convenience with trusted identity document verification capabilities.”

The EU Exit: ID Document Check app is available on Android. The UK Home Secretary was quoted in The Guardian on March 30th on iOS: “I’m pleased to confirm that Apple will be making the necessary changes and the app will be working on their mobile and tablet devices by the end of the year”.

The service is provided with support of iProov and in partnership with WorldReach Software. iProov is an UK-based facial recognition provider. WorldReach is a Canadian company that helps ensure traveller safety and security worldwide through its systems for government immigration, visa, passport, border management and consular organisations.

“This new service brings together the latest identity verification technologies and innovative processes with the mobile user experience citizens demand,” Gordon Wilson, WorldReach President, stated. “InnoValor and WorldReach have a long history working together in the Canadian Safety and Security Program and we are thrilled to expand our collaboration to this new important immigration programme”.

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