Inverid one of Top 250 Fastest Growing Companies in the Netherlands Read more
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Inverid one of the Top 250 Fastest Growing Companies in the Netherlands

We are thrilled to announce that Inverid has been named one of the top 250 fastest growing companies in the Netherlands for 2024 by nlgroeit and the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship. This recognition highlights the significant strides we have made in the field of remote NFC-First identity verification and our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Being included in this list reflects our growth and the positive impact of our solutions across various sectors, including finance, travel and borders, government, trust services, cryptocurrency exchanges, and more. We are proud to serve a diverse range of clients globally, helping them meet their identity verification needs with the highest levels of trust and assurance.

We extend our gratitude to our customers and partners who have been instrumental in our journey over the past 10 years of Inverid. The continued efforts of our team members continue to drive our success, and we can't wait to see what we will create together in the years to come. 

As we look to the future, we remain committed to driving innovation, enhancing our technology, and delivering exceptional value to our customers. Together, our team will continue to achieve great things!

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