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We won the FSTech Award 2019

ReadID and iProov did a joint submission to the FStech Award 2019. And we won in the category Best Use of IT in Retail Banking & Insurance!

FStech is a well-known community with website and newsletter for IT decision makers in the UK and European financial services sector. FStech organizes the annual FStech gala event, which took place on 21 March 2019 in the Marriot hotel in London. The independent jury selected the joint submission of iProov and ReadID. The combined ReadID and iProov services are used by the Rabobank and other major European banks to provide a self-service mobile onboarding.

ReadID is the first and leading NFC-based mobile identity document verification service. iProov provides a facial matching service, which is especially known for its liveness technology. The joint services provide superior security, user convenience and straight-through processing.



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