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ReadID by Inverid

In our joint webinar with iProov, our identity specialist Jim Slevin discussed on emerging threats like Synthetic Identity Fraud and how businesses can tackle the issue with strong identity verification and biometrics. Take a look at our overview or contact Jim to learn more.

ReadID NFC based identity verification and face verification iProov explained

ReadID Explained

The ReadID verification process consists of two easy steps:

  1. Scanning the data page with VIZ

    The user first scan the data page (also called Visual Inspection Zone, or VIZ) in the identity document with the camera of the smartphone. From the VIZ, the key to the chip can be derived. This is a safeguard for unauthorised access to the chip.

  2. Reading the NFC chip

    ReadID reads the chip contents, extracts the document’s data and verifies the authenticity of the personal information from the chip. It can be combined with face verification for holder verification or optical verification fallback for non-chipped documents.

Many passports, identity cards and other identity documents contain a contactless chip, which ReadID reads to verify the authenticity of these documents. The chip contains 100% reliable personal information about the holder, including the full name, date of birth and nationality. 

In addition, it contains a high-resolution face image, suitable for face verification. All modern smartphones have NFC to read and verify this chip.

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Jim Slevin holds regional responsibility for the UK and Ireland and is the global lead for Inverid’s growing Travel and Borders sector.

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Try it yourself

The free ReadID Me app

Try the free ReadID Me yourself to experience ReadID’s key features. The ReadID Me app reads and verifies the NFC chip embedded in electronic passports and other ICAO-compliant identity documents.

You can download the ReadID Me app on the App Store and Google Play.