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Identity Verification

ReadID Tech Series

Watch our series of 7 mini masterclasses on identity verification technologies.

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Register and watch our sessions to learn more about identity verification.

In a series of 7 master classes of 15-20 minutes, our experts will introduce you to the world of NFC, electronic identity documents, chip security, smartphone technology and much more.


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Tech Topics

What is NFC Technology?


Explaining the fundamentals of NFC and NFC in identity documents. How does NFC work for identity verification?

Global Coverage NFC documents & legislations


What countries use NFC and what are the underlying legislations? How did coverage grow over the years?

User Experience and Usability


Explaining our best UX and usability practices. How do we support and improve this for our customers and apps to get high conversion and user-friendliness? 

Facial & Presence attack detection


Learn more about different facial and liveness detection vendors, FIDO and iBeta/ISO levels for anti-spoofing and preventing identity fraud.

Security mechanisms for ePassports


How are passport chips protected? What does ICAO9303 specify? How does ReadID implement those?

Levels of Trust Worldwide


How to create identity verification for your services at the Highest Trust Level? We explain levels of (identity) assurances worldwide.

Orchestration and Coverage


How to implement our NFC first strategy & VIZ-fallback (Visual Inspection Zone) functionally?