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ReadID's contribution to the Financial Crime and Fraud Report 2022

Read more on our best NFC practices for digital onboarding and KYC, and why you should change your identity verification approach to prevent fraud and reduce churn.

Why do current digital solutions, based on optical or video verification, no longer suffice? And why does NFC-first identity verification help you get the job done properly?

The Financial Crime and Fraud Report 2022 showcases the innovation and development of the best practices and instruments used by financial institutions in their fraud prevention activities, to improve the digital onboarding process of their customers while fighting against financial crime. 



Financial Crime and Fraud Report

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2 pages | 6 minutes reading

Learn the effects of NFC on future-ready identity verification

With this fully digital identity verification process, Florius achieves a 96% success rate

Justus Damman, Manager Digital for Florius, the mortgage label of ABN AMRO, explains how they use ReadID to verify identities of customers to apply for a mortgage and how this support compliance

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